VRpatients’ New Software Update Is All You’ve Asked For… And More

Get ready. 

VRpatients will be releasing a huge update soon with new features to make your training experience even better.

“We always make sure you have the latest and greatest. If we are selling flexibility to our customers, then we need to continue to give them more and more to make them more flexible than ever,” says Tom Cox, a former paramedic and training director who is now the Director of EMS sales for VRpatients.

The new update will include these items and more:

  • More realism.
  • New interventions.
  • A dialogue system.
  • A grading timeline.
  • More case flexibility.

This will be the sixth major update to the software that immerses EMS and other trainees into a virtual environment where they can have real life experiences without real life consequences. 

Several of these updates are in direct response to features customers have requested. 

Duane Ginder, an experienced EMS worker, educator, and manager who serves as an EMS subject matter expert for VRpatients, does much of the onboarding and training for customers. 

“I’m probably the most customer facing person on the VRpatients team. Customers often send me an email with a list of features they would like to see. I keep those lists and send those to our development team. Then we put them on our roadmap of development,” he explains.

Remote learning has become increasingly important, and using virtual reality is a way to make that learning more effective. 

“We’re in changing times where it’s difficult to get people in classrooms together and our medic workforce is working longer and harder than they have, being able to do remote learning and remote education helps us deliver a good training product to students in schools and to EMTs and paramedics working in the field,” Ginder says. 

Because training differs based on where you are, the new release will provide more flexibility and versatility, allowing instructors to easily adapt cases to reflect what they may see in their areas.

“The changes expand the ability for the instructor or user to create more realistic and a broader range of cases for EMTs and paramedics to train,” Ginder says. “We’re improving on current features.” 

All of these updates will help train better EMS workers who will be able to practice skills in a safe environment and be ready when they see real patients.

“When the update comes out, this is the closest thing to real life you can find. If you look at our simulations, our patients, the backgrounds, and the look and feel of the program, it’s the most real thing that that I’ve ever seen. We want to make it as real for the users as we can,” Cox says. 

All of the additions will make an already great program even better. 

“We continually make updates so that we put more useful things into the program. No question about that. It makes the program more and more valuable as you keep adding more to it,” Cox says. “What started off as a really nice way to assess medical conditions has now become a more well-rounded program where you can not only dive into those medical conditions, but bring in traumatic events and create a more realistic experience for people.”

The new additions are scheduled to roll out in the next few weeks. Schedule a demo today to get a sneak peek or click here for a speed demo of our existing application.