About Us

VRpatients™ and its parent company, Virtual Education Systems, began as a startup funded by Cincinnati-based tech incubator CincyTech and Columbus-based Rev1 Ventures before it was acquired in 2018. At that point, the entire application, including the UI/UX experience, clinical case scenarios, environments and authoring tool was reimagined, rebuilt and relaunched to the market as VRpatients in the spring of 2020.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, VRpatients employs a team of highly skilled developers, practitioners, and consultants located throughout the world. Together, the Human Team collaborates in a spirit of continuous improvement.  New environments, practical and clinical components, moulage and other enhancements are being added to the application every few months without interruption to the customer.

We believe your interactive experience must be natural, intuitive, simple, realistic and unobtrusive. 

It is believable. It is flexible. It’s real life training without real life consequences. 

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