Is the application available online or just in Virtual Reality?

VRpatients is available online using a PC/monitor, and can be casted to a TV screen for classroom viewing. It can also be engaged through immersive virtual reality using a VR headset.

What does the application include?

The application has two interfaces – “instructor mode” and “student mode.” 

In “instructor mode,” the educator/trainer/instructor uses the Authoring Tool to build, modify, select and assign cases. They can also access the grading rubric to manage student and curriculum performance standards.  

In “student mode,” the student interacts directly through the gamification of the clinical case scenario assigned by the instructor.

Does the application have any clinical case scenarios already included?

Yes, the application includes more than 20 cases already built-in. These scenarios are intended to offer core competency parameters and can be modified to your local protocols or intended education objectives for the case. Case scenarios include frequent encounters such as stroke, sepsis, allergic reaction, abdominal pain, a physical fall, drug overdose, etc.

Can I modify those existing case scenarios?

All the included cases are modifiable to your protocols, other patients, or environment preferences. Or, you can build your own using the case Authoring Tool.

How many environments and patient avatars are included?

VRpatients currently has over 25 living environments and 8 patient avatars from which to choose. Our developers are always adding new environments and patient avatars.

What is the average time it takes to build a case?

While times vary depending on the complexity of the clinical case, the average time is around 15-30 minutes. The greater the complexity, the longer the clinical case build time. 

What technology skills are required?

There are no technology skills required to build a clinical case scenario.

What skills ARE required for building a case?

VRpatients’ Authoring Tool walks you through a logical construction of the clinical case scenario similar to the role playing simulation used for the past 40 years. The key skill is the comprehension and application of case logic which provides action and effect in the design of the clinical case. It is very simple to learn and doesn’t require any coding or advanced technological skills.

What variables are available when building a case?

In addition to choosing your patient, environment, monitor type selection, and PPE, the Authoring Tool has a variety of selectable variables for case construction such as assessment questions, vital signs, oxygen and IV therapy, uploaded media, medicine and route administration.

Do you have tutorial videos?

Yes, and they are shared during your onboarding experience, which also includes live training and technical support.

How is VRpatients priced?

VRpatients is based on Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The Authoring Tool License (ATL) starts at $5000/yr depending on the number of scenario builders authoring in the system, faculty or instructors managing assignments, and number of learners practicing in sim. We will customize a package to meet the needs of the agency or educational institution. We also offer Enterprise level pricing for large scale deployment. We will not be beat on price.

Is there a limit to how many people can be trained at once?

Because VRpatients is cloud-based, it can be deployed to anyone from anywhere, allowing you to assign the same scenario to multiple students in any geographic location. The only limit is in how many Active Seat Licenses (ASL) are in your subscription.

Can more than one student interact in the same case at the same time?

At the current time, a single student interacts inside the assigned case.

As the author, can I share my case with other instructors?

Currently you can only share your case within the registered institute that the case was authored in. We restrain this capacity in order to ensure the quality and integrity of the cases presented as associated with accredited educational institutions.

As the VRpatients system administrator, how do I upgrade the VRpatients application?

As a SaaS based application, every time an instructor or student accesses the VRpatients application, they are automatically on the most up to date version.

As the VRpatients system administrator, how do I access the internet through my institutional firewall?

VRpatients will provide a custom URL for your institution’s IT department to add as an approved and priority website. This not only ensures access but it also prioritizes the network for optimal response times.  If additional support is required, a VRpatients Technical Support Specialist (TSS) is ready to assist.