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The toolkit for unlimited asynchronous virtual simulations.

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A professional-grade, web-accessible, cost-effective virtual reality platform.

VRpatients® is a professional toolkit for simulationists and clinical educators to build and edit realistic virtual patient scenarios. Designed for student accessibility and curriculum flexibility, the platform is asynchronous, accessible via VR headset or web browser, and focused on critical thinking and clinical judgment skills.

How does it work?

Step 1. Build


Create, duplicate, or edit a simulation in minutes.

Step 2. Assign


Students simulate in class, at home, or remote online.

Step 3. Grade


Debrief in person. Analyze student success throughout the educational journey.

Quickly modify sims as your learning objectives change.

Access Anywhere

Access Anywhere

The only virtual patient simulation platform…


  • Unlimited Custom Builds
  • Unlimited Simulations
  • Unlimited Student Seats
  • Unlimited Faculty Seats

and is

  • Objectively graded
  • Asynchronous
  • Wireless VR (untethered)
  • Multi-device Accessible

High-fidelity simulation every day.

Patient library included.

VRpatients Avatars

What does it look like in VR?

Partnering with Industry Leaders


VRpatients Platform


Fully customizable sim

Endless knowledge capacity; the more you add, the greater the value

Dynamic, variable scenarios with diverse selection of patient avatars

Learning through experiential immersion/gamification 

Highly intuitive case authoring tool (new cases created in minutes)

Low, subscription-based entry cost that appreciates as technology advances

Higher knowledge retention with immersion*

Objective assessment of skills/knowledge

Enhanced grading rubric


vs. Traditional Simulation Platforms


The average salary of a simulation technician in the U.S. is $61,312/yr. The average cost of a single high-fidelity manikin can range from $55,000-$250,000.

On average you need two or more simulation technicians to run a single manikin simulation to train a few students at a time.

We precisely address the cost to scale high fidelity simulation:

  • Your simulationists are more effective.
  • Students get more exposure to realistic clinical patients.
  • You do not have to hire more sim techs or purchase more manikins.

VRpatients is a platform to increase your student’s success, produce more competent professionals faster, and providing a better tool for your staff to be more effective.

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