Are you ready for it? 

Not to quote Taylor Swift, but our biggest and most impactful software release upgrade to date is ABOUT TO HAPPEN! And it’s one that will surely shape the future of virtual healthcare simulation training as we know it. 

After nearly a year of development, VRpatients is excited to announce its latest release planned to go live in time for the new school year. 


That’s right! We are releasing the industry’s first VR Smart Pump, capable of supporting up to ten infusions. This has never been seen in the healthcare VR sim world, and is so advanced, it will take years for anyone else to catch up. We’re not ready to give away the keys to the castle just yet, so you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer before seeing the new enhancements in action. 

What else can you expect from our biggest upgrade to date?  

  • Medications updates including grouping dosages and concentrations 
  • Instructors can have some treatments already in progress when a student begins a simulation
  • Enhancements to scenario logic and grading outputs…and more! 

We will keep you posted as our Go Live date becomes solidified. In the meantime, if you would like a sneak preview, click here and complete this simple form. Our sim specialists would love to give you a no-obligation demo.