Quest 3

If you are a Meta Quest headset user, and you do simulation for education or business, then you’ve felt the pain “Oculus for Business will no longer be available after April 2024.” Meta told existing users that they have two options: downgrade their current devices to Consumer grade platforms or wait until the planned migration to “Meta Quest for Business” launches (and you still have to downgrade your headset). Either way, users are in for a long haul of Meta emails, support calls, factory resetting, firmware updates, reinstalling software, re-provisioning, and a higher price tag eventually managing these devices on the new Meta MDM (Add sweaty emoji).

What does this mean if you are a VRpatients customer using Meta?

Option 1) Stay with the Meta MDM (Downgrade to upgrade).  If you have the funds to pay for the new Quest for Business, and you aren’t in a rush, then the easiest solution for you is to just stay on Meta’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) system, follow their steps to downgrade and upgrade to their new solution when it comes out. If you’re leaning toward this option, keep in mind a few things: 

  • Cost may vary from $25-$40/headset per month. 
  • You must have a Meta account for each headset.
  • You must use a credit card for each Meta account.
  • The new Quest For Business MDM is still in Beta and features are unknown. Here is a video comparison on what Quest For Business is expected to be like. 

Option 2) Use the ArborXR workaround. If you’re looking for a less expensive MDM with more features, then we’ve discovered a wonderful solution, thanks to one of our superusers!

The Super-user Workaround

Robert Victorino, Clinical Coordinator at Portland Community College, has found a workaround. His healthcare training program uses VRpatients on the legacy Oculus for Business MDM and has experienced considerable technical challenges. Robert was also hesitant to “downgrade to upgrade” and stay with Meta. When learning if he stays with the legacy Oculus for Business  he would not only lose access to critical software updates from VRpatients, but also lose the ability to run the platform altogether (even if they kept their current version running as-is), Victorino discovered a workaround with ArborXR. If you don’t already know, ArborXR is an affordable ($7/mo.) and feature-rich enterprise headset management platform (MDM).

The ArborXR Workaround:

  1. Log in to Oculus For Business (Workplace) and follow the steps in the screenshot (turn on side load and USB debugging)
  2. Create ArborXR account. In the ArborXR web-portal, navigate to Settings > Overview and copy the Organization Slug name. Send the ArborXR “slug” to so they can push VRp (and future updates) to your headset(s).
  3. Download ArborXR device setup app to your computer.
  4. Set up each headset with the app using a data-capable USB-C cord plugged into the side of the headset (not the extended battery cord). If you don’t have a data-capable cord, try this one.
  5. Follow ArborXR instructions on creating a group and loading the app (VRp). Here is how to receive the VRpatients app. 
  6. DONE! Now all future app updates from VRpatients will happen automatically! Time to make every day a sim day! 


ArborXR maintains the Oculus for Business OS will allow you to manually install app updates like VRpatients. This keeps critical management and security capabilities intact.

This means that once you switch off of the  legacy Oculus for Business MDM onto a more agile and affordable platform like ArborXR, updating VRpatients will be effortless. Here are a few things to consider to make your VR simulations continue uninhibited: 

  • Receive automatic or scheduled app updating from VRpatients
  • Remote kiosk mode goes around Facebook/Meta (turn off the Meta app store, web browser, and limit what apps are available)
  • ArborXR allows you to use Meta “test user accounts” instead of full Meta accounts. (test user accounts will need to be created via the Meta website)

If you haven’t converted your Oculus for Business headsets to consumer models yet, try the ArborXR workaround. Their headset management platform can save you headaches down the road. And you can keep your learners, patients, employees, and customers enjoying the benefits of VRpatients’ frequent updates. 

ArborXR at a glance: 

  • As low as $7/monthly (not including education discount)
  • Automatic or scheduled app updating from VRpatients
  • Remote kiosk mode (turn off app store, browser, and limit what apps are available)
  • Can use test users instead of Meta accounts

Read Robert’s first-hand experience with the workaround here.


Still overwhelmed by this?

If you only have a handful of headsets, you may want to ditch your existing headsets and go with our Sim Lab in a Box option, which comes equipped with any enterprise equipment you want. We do the work for you! Of course, we are always here to help! For any questions on the process, contact the VRpatients support team.