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Welcome to The Skills Station – where you can see how VRpatients works as both a fully-immersive virtual reality training application and a web-based online learning tool.

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Getting Started With VR

VR Headsets Wired or Wireless? Episode 1
Choosing the VR Right Headset. Episode 2
Setting Up Your VR Studio. Episode 3
Devin’s Headset Picks. Episode 4
How Much Should You Pay for a Headset? Episode 5
Top Tips for Getting Started. Episode 6

VR Experience (VR headset required)

How a Pen Light Works in VR

How a Stethoscope Works in VR

Perform a Vagal Maneuver in VR

Making the Case for VR EMS Training

Still considering how virtual reality can fit into your existing EMS or nursing training curriculum? VR is not meant to replace humans, but rather to complement existing curriculum.  In VR, you can take any student, put them in virtual reality simulation, and have them practice the skill repeatedly before coming to class or applying the skill on a real patient. The simulation of virtual reality causes actual responses, like increased heart rate, and mimics the emergency nature of a real life situation.  This increases knowledge retention and allows student practitioners to practice skills without life threatening consequences.  VR simulation also allows current practitioners to experience a low occurrence, high-acuity clinical case so they are prepared for any possible EMS scenario. Available online or in fully immersive virtual reality using a headset, VRpatients is real life training without real life consequences.

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Web-Based Experience (VR headset NOT required)

How Virtual Sim Training for EMS Works with VRpatients

How to Build Your Own Virtual Sim EMS Cases with VRpatients

Sample Case: COVID-19

Sample Case: Asthma

Sample Case: Unresponsive Patient

Sample Case: Chest Pain

Impressed with VRpatients? Request a Custom Live DEMO with our team now!