VRpatients’ Clinical Case Authoring Tool is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Build Your Case

1. Build your case.

Deploy Students Remotely

2. Deploy to students remotely.


3. Objectively assess performance.

Build your case

Pre-loaded with more than 20 realistic living environments and a multitude of patient avatars, the authoring tool’s built-in prompts alert you to an improbable or unlikely action, making it virtually error-proof.

Case Authoring Tool by VRpatients

Deploy to students remotely

Once your case is built, the instructor can assign the case from anywhere. The student interacts with the patient avatar in real time, either online or in full immersive virtual reality using a VR headset. The student must successfully complete the case within the designated time allowed. This includes:


  1. performing a scene size up
  2. conducting a thorough patient assessment
  3. correctly diagnose the illness, injury or condition
  4. treating the patient appropriately
  5. transporting
Case Authoring Tool Patient Assessment

Objectively assess performance

Because each student experiences the same clinical case, the trainer is able to then objectively assess each user’s competency and critical thinking skills using our enhanced grading rubric, making evaluation of entry-level competency and critical thinking capabilities easier than ever before.

The grading rubric can also serve as an objective debriefing tool, helping to promote conversation between the instructor and student while aiding in student learning.

Case Authoring Tool Patient Conditions by VRpatients

Didn’t master it the first time?

No problem. Whether you are training for a frequently-experienced occurrence or a high risk rare event, VRpatients allows users to repeat clinical cases as many times as needed until skills are mastered – without wasting valuable classroom/instructor time.