Design. Deploy. Grade.

VRpatients goes beyond the classroom at scale with ArborXR, deploying real-life scenarios to 10 or 10,000 students simultaneously anywhere in the world. Students deserve customized simulations that change day to day, and educators deserve a platform that is built to fit into their existing curriculums. The future of medical simulation is customizable software, simplified hardware logistics, and easy headset management. VRpatients is asynchronous, remotely deployable, and infinitely scalable features. Engage students outside the classroom with an interactive, dynamic training environment focused on clinical decision making. Students can practice simple or complex simulations from the comfort of their homes, coming to class with valuable experiences to review, debrief, and build upon. In-class sessions can then focus on hands-on practice at the sim center, translating virtual experience into tangible medical skills.


Author a simulation in minutes.


Assign scenarios to an individual or group.


Analyze grades at a glance, debrief in person.


Empower your future as a simulationist.

Design, deploy, and grade unlimited patient scenarios with VRpatients, the cost-effective virtual reality platform built specifically for simulationists & educators.

What makes VRpatients, Virtual Sim Education, so different for Nurse and EMS Educators?


Realistic simulations based on real user experiences

Realistic simulations based on real user experiences

Customizable case builder and groundbreaking case logic system

“Build it how you want it” intuitive case authoring tool

LMS integration & enhanced grading rubric

LMS integration & enhanced grading rubric

Objective critical thinking assessment

Objective critical thinking assessment

Lifelike animations, dynamic living environments and diverse, customizable patient avatars

Lifelike animations, dynamic living environments and diverse, customizable patient avatars

VRpatients offers low entry cost.

Subscription-based pricing costs less than $10 per student per month

Plus, future opportunity to turn your work into revenue through our affiliate program

Plus, future opportunity to turn your work into revenue through our affiliate program


VRpatients Platform


Fully customizable sim

Endless knowledge capacity; the more you add, the greater the value

Dynamic, variable scenarios with diverse selection of patient avatars

Learning through experiential immersion/gamification 

Highly intuitive case authoring tool (new cases created in minutes)

Low, subscription-based entry cost that appreciates as technology advances

Higher knowledge retention with immersion*

Objective assessment of skills/knowledge

Enhanced grading rubric


vs. Traditional Simulation


The average salary of a simulation technician in the U.S. is $61,312/yr. The average cost of a single high-fidelity manikin can range from $55,000-$250,000.

On average you need two or more simulation technicians to run a single manikin simulation to train a few students at a time.

We precisely address the cost to scale high fidelity simulation:

  • Your simulationists are more effective.
  • Students get more exposure to realistic clinical patients.
  • You do not have to hire more sim techs or purchase more manikins.

VRpatients is a platform to increase your student’s success, produce more competent professionals faster, and providing a better tool for your staff to be more effective.

We are medical professionals just like you. That’s why we built VRpatients Virtual Simulation Education for Emergency Responders and Nurses.

Watch a speed demo of VRpatients in both web and full virtual reality below:

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