Experience Virtual Simulation Training for First Responders & Nurses

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Real life training without real life consequences.

Like a flight simulator for pilots, VRpatients immerses students into lifelike, stress-inducing scenarios allowing them to interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real time.

Available through our web-based application or in full immersive VR, it’s the closest you can come to real life training without real life consequences.


We are medical professionals just like you. That’s why we built VRpatients.

Watch a speed demo of VRpatients in both web and full virtual reality below:

What makes VRpatients so different?


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Realistic simulations based on real user experiences

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“Build it how you want it” intuitive case authoring tool

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LMS integration & enhanced grading rubric

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Objective critical thinking assessment

Lifelike animations, dynamic living environments and diverse, customizable patient avatars

Lifelike animations, dynamic living environments and diverse, customizable patient avatars

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Subscription-based pricing costs less than $10 per student per month

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Plus, future opportunity to turn your work into revenue through our affiliate program

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VRpatients Application


Fully customizable sim

Endless knowledge capacity; the more you add, the greater the value

Dynamic, variable scenarios with diverse selection of patient avatars

Learning through experiential immersion/gamification 

Highly intuitive case authoring tool (new cases created in minutes)

Low, subscription-based entry cost that appreciates as technology advances

Higher knowledge retention with immersion*

Objective assessment of skills/knowledge

Enhanced grading rubric


vs. Traditional Simulation Applications


vs. Packaged “off the shelf” sim

vs. Limited capacity; what you see is what you get

vs. Students must “imagine” the scenario; mannequin never changes

vs. Learning through low fidelity immersion

vs. Time-intensive education for proficient trainer

vs. Capital investment that depreciates over time

vs. Lower knowledge retention in a classroom setting

vs. Subjective assessment of skills/knowledge

vs. Subjective grading


Proud to partner with the following top tier training institutions:

Brookline College
Portland Community College
South Central College
PIMA Community College
Western Community College
Kishwaukee College
Kapi'olani Community College
Madison Area Tech College
Utah's Paramedic EMS Academy
Superior Ambulance Service
Coral Springs
Great Basin Community College
Medic Ambulance

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